The Home Cooking Community

Members enjoy access to our interactive livestream classes with award-winning restaurant chefs, as well as exclusive perks from the best cooking‑related brands.

Virtual Classes With Top Restaurant Chefs

Renowned restaurant chefs from all over the country welcome us into their home kitchens for interactive livestream classes. They teach our members how to cook their favorite dishes, and sprinkle in plenty of stories, pro-tips, and culinary techniques. Members get to cook along (or just watch) in real-time, and ask the chefs questions.

VIP Perks From The Best Cooking Brands

In addition to our virtual classes, members enjoy access to a curated collection of exclusive perks from the best cooking-related brands. From cookware and appliances, to knives and aprons, to spices and groceries, we negotiate steep ongoing discounts that provide our members with hundreds of dollars in savings.

What Our Community Says