Kevin Gillespie

Chef/Owner of Red Beard Restaurants

Top Chef All-Stars Finalist
Livestreamed from Atlanta, GA

About the Host

Award-winning chef Kevin Gillespie grew up in Locust Grove, Georgia and developed his love of cooking from his grandmother. He first rose to national prominence as a finalist on Bravo’s “Top Chef” season six and recently was a finalist again on “Top Chef All-Stars.” He also happens to be Wolfgang Puck's all-time favorite Top Chef alumnus! TV fame aside, he owns a handful of critically-acclaimed restaurants in Atlanta including Gunshow, which has twice been named to Eater's prestigious “The National 38” list and was featured on GQ's "12 Outstanding Restaurants" list. And, he's published two cookbooks: “Pure Pork Awesomeness,” and “Fire In My Belly,” which was picked as a Finalist for James Beard's "Cookbook: American Cooking" Award. Speaking of James Beard, Chef Gillespie is a 3-time "Best Chef: Southeast" Semi-Finalist and 4-Time "Rising Star Chef" Semi-Finalist. And did we mention that he was nominated for Food & Wine's "People’s Best New Chef" Award and named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List? Yaowza!

About the Event

Chef Cogswell welcomed us into his home kitchen (via livestream), and taught us how to cook a multi-course contemporary Southern meal showcasing a few of his favorite signature dishes (see menu below). And, as is always the case at our events, he took plenty of questions from attendees while he cooked and participated in an extended Q&A to close out the night!

What will we be cooking?

Entrée: Salmon en Papillote with vegetables and salsa verde

Dessert: Warm Banana Pudding with meringue topping

What does my ticket get me?

In addition to getting unlimited viewing access to the recording of the livestream event, where Chef Gillespie demonstrated how to cook both dishes and answered plenty of questions from attendees, you will receive access to the companion Recipe Book, which includes a complete grocery list and step-by-step cooking instructions/kitchen equipment/ingredients needed to make each dish.

How long does this event take?

This event runs for 2hr 16min from start to finish – 1hr 53min of cooking and 23min of additional Q&A at the end.

What will the yield be?

2 servings of each dish.

What kitchen equipment, appliances, and utensils will be used?
  • Large saucepan or medium pot
  • Medium saucepan
  • Baking sheet
  • Casserole or baking dish (~ 6 - 8 cups)
  • Stand mixer or hand mixer
  • Large bowl
  • Medium bowls
  • Small bowls for ingredients
  • Sieve or colander
  • Cooling rack
  • Sharp knife & cutting board
  • Measuring cups & spoons
  • Whisk
  • Zester or grater
  • Parchment paper
  • Immersion blender (optional)
What ingredients will be needed?

In addition to the following kitchen staples – all-purpose flour, extra virgin olive oil, granulated sugar, kosher salt, red chili flakes, and vanilla extract – Chef Gillespie recommends acquiring the following ingredients listed below:

  • Bananas
  • Beets
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Capers
  • Carrot
  • Chives
  • Cream of tartar
  • Dried oregano
  • Eggs
  • Farro
  • Flat leaf parsley
  • Garlic
  • Half and half
  • Lemons
  • Salmon fillets
  • Scallions
  • Shallots
  • Store-bought pound cake
  • Turnips
  • Unsalted butter
  • Vanilla bean (optional)
  • White wine vinegar
  • Whole milk

*Please note, immediately after purchasing your ticket, you’ll receive access to the Recipe Book, which outlines exact quantities of each ingredient from the list above that will be needed to cook each dish.

Member Reviews ( 14 )

Joane F.

Very instructive and relaxed. Enjoyed making the recipes after the class.
Julie C.

The food came out great, my biggest complaint was the flow of the class. It took entirely too long. I think that likely as chefstreams grows (and I'm happy it is) the slower the classes may get if we are constantly stopping for people to be caught up. Would suggest limiting in class questions.
Lynn B.

We made way too much farro. Wish the cutting up of bananas had not been in the recipe. I adore Kevin, but it was a little slow. I am not a super duper cook but it is hard when some are such novices. A few issues with sound. This is my 3rd one.
Ruth J.

Chef gave lots of good instructions on how to do things, what to avoid, how to fix mistakes. He also explained some of the chemistry of cooking, which will be useful in cooking other dishes. The class was a lot of fun and the dishes I made were fantastic.
Barb R.

The class was a bit too long.
Barbara B.

Kevin did an excellent job of describing how to make the dishes with tips of how to have the best result. The only reason I didn't give the class a 5 is that the length of time the dishes took to make. If you weren't cooking along, as I wasn't, the class began to drag on.
Natasha R.

It was awesome! It was fast-paced, but we were still able to follow. He was a great instructor and as always the facilitator ensured everyone was able to stay on track!
Leta S.

Chef Kevin was exactly what we had hoped he would be. His vast experience was very apparent and wanted to share his knowledge in an approachable way. He was fun and the food turned out delicious! We’ve enjoyed all of the chef streams that we’ve done, but was our favorite one so far! Thank you!
Theresa M.

Rochelle T.

I'm a Kevin fan from Top Chef days and he did not disappoint! He was an excellent teacher, explained everything and why he was doing it at the "home chef" level which I appreciated, plus it was a great meal!
Chris P.

This might be one of my favorite classes! Chef Gillespie was patient, charming, funny, and took the time to really explain what was going on and why. He thought about his meal and the two dishes were just perfect together. What a great overall experience!
Justin B.

Courtney D.

I felt the chef was very knowledgeable
Matt W.